Friday, 29 June 2012

New release on Paper Recordings - The Black Keys EP


Deep Space Orchestra - Last Train is really nice gear.
Moonboots – Last Train is lovely. I’ll defo give it some play over the winter months. Hopefully it’ll be top of the hit parade by the time Summer starts in October. Nice bit of acid from Mr Atkins too.
James Holroyd – Last train is superb.
Billy Scurry – Wow, this grabbed me from the off, loving that groove on All Night. Very infectious, top support.
Dicky Trisco – All Night is the one for me. Wicked night time boogie sounds.
Scope – Both mixes of Tera are hot!
Severino Panzetta – Flash Atkins in BIG form at the mo
Bottin – Nice one!
Rune Lindbaek – Love it, Lancashire’s finest!
Sleazy McQueen – Yeah, sounds pretty gnarly.
Hunk of a Man – Top Nice! the youngsters will love this. Sign me up!
Bill Brewster (DJ History) – REALLY like All Night, very groovy, unassuming and deeeep. Last Train also nice and Flash remix of Tera.

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